Why Write?

Reasons For Writing

What is good writing? Different writers may have different reasons for writing. As already mentioned here on my site for me in the past it was simply good therapy after a long day. Pounding out my frustration (or excitement) on a keyboard while propping my feet up seemed to somehow set things in perspective.

Whether it was trying to convey to my readers the unique perspective of a Kenyan man trying to earn enough money to take food home for the family that very day or the excitement of a child using a simple tire for a toy, fodder for good writing abounds in Kenya.

What Good Writing Does

I have discovered writing good copy is a great way to learn. Novelist Ernest Gaines once said the six golden rules of writing are: “Read, read, read and write, write, write.” (quote from lauradavis.net website). One of the most enjoyable parts of copywriting is researching the subject.

Good copy then conveys the truth to its reader. It’s a good feeling to know you’re doing a  service to others by conveying in a simple, forthright manner exactly what they need. Finding solutions that meet other peoples needs is what writing good ad copy is all about.

Good Writing Brings Response

“I never knew that.”… “Did you see that article?”… “Have you heard?” As responsive, interactive beings we love to convey information to others. Good writing will always cause a reaction.

If you would like to contact me about researching and writing copy for you or just want to chat drop me an email at fisherscopywriting@gmail.com. Check out my portfolio at https://clearvoice.com/cv/AbnerFisher

Happy Reading…Happy Writing!


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