Good Copywriting



What is Good Copywriting?

Let’s take a look at what it means to write good ad copy. Good copywriting should have sufficient structure to convey something and enough what I call humanity to keep a reader’s interest. Different writers have different styles. Personally, I like to try to convey some humanity into every project. This may mean slightly disjointed writing as some may think of it. I prefer to think of it as my humanity showing through.

Good Copywriting

Good Copywriting has Flow

Just like a waterfall that is full because of melting snow, or a late night thunderstorm. That flow may not all be contained perfectly but that’s part of the appeal.

Good Copywriting tells a Story

Everyone loves a good story! Writing ad copy is essentially writing the story of your customer. What are his needs? How can you best meet those needs? Finally, why are you better equipped to meet his needs than anyone else out there?

Good Copywriting Informs

One of the most pleasurable parts of copywriting, in my opinion, is researching the object. Learn all you can about your subject so you can sufficiently inform your client. After all, one of the basics of good copywriting is informing your reader. If you can’t convey knowledge forget it!

Good Copywriting is Persuasive

When I write ad copy the goal is to persuade you (the reader) that I have a solid answer to a problem you want to solve. Good copywriting will not only inform the reader but will provide proof of a positive outcome.

Good Copywriting is Interesting

Today’s internet attention span is short indeed. I need to persuade you I have something to offer within the first seconds or you’ll just click to the next interesting article. This may be one of the most challenging aspects of copywriting. See if you can come up with a new idea, or at least an interesting way of solving a problem.

Good Copywriting is a Means to an End

Got a problem? Want to read a story? Need information?

Good copywriting is all of the above and more. And here at Fisher’s Copywriting we truly do strive…to write right!

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